For two years, I've looked for an agent or a small publisher for my short story collection, The Sum of My Flaws. The closest I've gotten was when an editor complimented on my writing and referred me to another publisher which he thought was more fitting to my style. (That publisher turned me down, twice. The first time the envelope arrived empty in my mailbox, the letter apparently having fallen out. They didn't keep a record, and I had to resubmit the entire manuscript again and waited mercifully for a couple more weeks.)

Agents tended to stay away from short story collections altogether. Two asked if I wrote non-fiction. Having devoted a few years of my life to my first and only book (which is non-fiction), I wanted to focus on my first love of fiction writing.

During that time, I realized a few things about myself as a writer. I don't like the "business" end of writing. I'm not a 9-to-5 writer, though my output has been consistent. And I don't expect to make a living from my writing. All I want is to share my stories with those who would read it. And if neither any literary agent nor I expect to profit financially from them, then why not give them away for free?

So this is how I decided to put together this website. Each month, the website will post a new short story in its Featured Story section. You can also go to the Archives section to retrieve any short story posted previously.

I'm also including my creative non-fiction essays on this website. These are essays I've written ever since I purchased a home in Los Angeles in 2005, as I started feeling very incongruent as a homeowner who is still single.

After you read what's on the website, please feel free to give me some feedback at the end of each story. If you like what you read, consider Subscribing so you'll find out when new materials are posted on the website, or sending the link to a friend. I've been published and you can find out where to find my other works in the Biography and Publication History section.

Enjoy the website!