Essays - Love Adjacent

On the advice of my tax accountant, I bought a house in 2005. Truth is, I was not ready to become a homeowner. For most people, the purchase of a home stands at a midpoint of two life-changing events: marriage (or at least official cohabitation) and children. I didn't have a relationship and still have no aspiration for the latter. I felt like I had skipped a few steps in some manual about Adulthood and was beyond help as I began settling in my new home.

These essays are about my (clumsy) adjustments to homeownership. In ways sometimes subtle, other times overly self-conscious, this new identity makes me reconsider my growing relationships with my beloved friends and family, my negotiations with new neighbors and community, and my one relationship that matters most – the one with myself. (And yes, there are some funny stories about bad dates and unrequited obsessions, too, which I can't quite blame on the house.)

  #1 - The House Always Wins (originally posted on 7/21/2007)
#2 - Pretty Strung Out For a Girl (originally posted on 3/9/2008)
#3 - Me Against the Ants (originally posted on 4/5/2008)
#4 - When the Cold Wind Blows (originally posted on 5/13/2008)
#5 - The Ghosts in Me (originally posted on 6/22/2008)
#6 - I Got Soul But I'm Not a Soldier (originally posted on 8/5/2008)
#7 - Hang on a Little Tomato (originally posted on 10/14/2008)
#8 - The City Where I Found You (originally posted on 2/17/2009)